Our Childcare Sessions & Fees

Children can attend our day care nursery either full-time (38 or 50 weeks a year) or part-time, with as many half days per week as required. There are no minimum number of sessions and, once registered, free settling in sessions are offered before your child joins.

Session Options: 

  • Full Day: 8am-6pm / (Includes snacks, lunch & tea) / All year & Termtime
  • Half day: 8am-1pm OR 1pm-6pm / (Includes snack & lunch or tea) / All year & Termtime
  • School Day: 9am-4pm / (Includes snacks & lunch) / All year & Termtime
  • After School Club: 3am to 6pm / (Includes tea) / Termtime
  • a limit of 6 sessions per day for funded only places

Our Fees:

  • Invoices are sent out annually or termly breaking the fees into monthly payments.  Fees include wipes, nappies, all food and our twice-weekly visit from Jo Jingles.
  • Fees are paid monthly, in advance by standing order.  One months notice or 1 month’s fees in lieu of notice are required when removing a child other than to start school.
  • We accept vouchers from operators such as Edenred, Care4, Kids Unlimited, Sodexo etc.
  • We also accept tax-free childcare payments made through HMRC.
  • There is a 10% sibling discount for 2nd children who attend Ladybird at the same time.

Booking Fees

To secure a place a non-refundable booking fee is required, as below.  Once secured we offer free settling in visits to help the transition into nursery.
Full daycare: £50
After School Club: £25
FEE/T  £0

Butterflies (Pre-school) Fees

Caterpillars (Baby & Toddler) Fees