Our Childcare Groups

The nursery has a large entrance area, called the link, which is where coats and bags are hung on pegs. It is also used for our musical Jo Jingles sessions and group play when we can’t get outside.

The children are currently split up into two groups consisting of a baby and toddler unit, (Caterpillars) and Pre-school room (Butterflies), which is also home to our after school club. 

  • Caterpillars
  • Butterflies

This room is dedicated to our lovely babies and toddlers, ages ranging 3 to 30 months approximately.

The room is split into 2 main areas with a dividing gate so that walkers and non-walkers can benefit from toys and equipment that is developmentally appropriate. There is also a dedicated sleep room with video monitoring, and a nappy changing room.

All the children benefit from equipment, chairs and tables that are just the right size as well as their own all weather garden area. Caterpillars take part in walks, Jo Jingles music and movement sessions, visits from Zoolab & Mr Giant at Christmas, Harvest Festival and the Christmas play at the church plus much more.

Butterflies is a spacious, airy room with dedicated areas for writing, building, sand & water play, arts & crafts and space for role play, our two storey loft and home corner. There is a free flow library for quiet reading, listening to music or small group activities. Children are encouraged to choose their own equipment and activities as well as take part in planned activities

Children join this group at around 30 months according to their stage of development and stay until they are ready to go to school.

There is also access to a large garden with mud pit and kitchen, sand, water, building blocks, a bridge, tunnels and lots more in our big shed.